Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday – Garden Sunset & Garden Tranquility digital photo book page designed by Jill Klasen; software: Storybook Creator by Creative Memories; Artwork: Garden Tranquility: Font; Pea Lisel; click here for details and instructions: projectcenter.cre…

!!! Article includes lists of Japanese evergreens, ground cover, etc suitable for a Japanese flower garden! Japanese flower gardens are works of art, if done well. The key to designing your own Japanese flower gardens is to keep it simple and try to imitate nature in the layout. This article will help.

Looking for a unique, simple garden project that is both attractive and cost effective? Instructables has the instructions for a simple slot together pyramid garden planter that allows for a tiered garden layout. The wood is all reclaimed from old shipping pallet timbers, making the… #spr #sum

A kitchen might have a small amount of floor space, but it doesnt have to be perceived as small. Bay Area architect Jerri Holan offers some advice on ways to open up a small kitchen to make it feel more spacious. Removing walls can improve sightlines, and improving transitions to other rooms can also benefit the kitchen. Adding natural light via windows and doors can make the room seem larger, as can simplifying the space.